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A few days after you have bought your ticket, you will receive a Casting Questionnaire by email. You will answer questions about what kind of play experiences and themes you are interested in, pick the houses or groups in which you would ideally like to be cast, and name characters you might like to play and others you definitely do not want to play.


The questionnaire is also where you apply to play a “Royal Character” – Hamlet, Ophelia, Gertrude, Claudius, Polonius or Laertes. Read more about that option HERE.


On June 1st, we will begin casting all players who have completed their casting questionnaire by May 31st. You are not guaranteed one of your favourite characters, but your choices will help us find another one that matches your interests. In mid-June, you will be sent your character description and the names of your closest co-players. If you find the character or group impossible for you to play, there will be some possibilities for additional changes.


Players who buy tickets on or after June 1st will be cast in batches every few weeks leading up to the week before the larp.


If you buy the 4-person ticket, we will cast all four players so that they are connected (you might still be spread over several Houses). If you are buying this ticket just for the discount, you can also ask specifically NOT to be cast close to your friends.


If you have played before and bring a friend on the Bring a friend ticket, we will cast you as one of your first five character choices. Your friend will be cast in the normal manner. (In the statistically unlikely situation that everyone goes for the same five characters, we will get in touch with you and talk about options).


If you buy the 8-person ticket at €4000 a whole new character group is written for you from scratch, and the timeline will look slightly different.


Casting will open when we announce the next runs for the larp. 

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