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These are the short character descriptions of all characters for Inside Hamlet. You will not be able to choose specific characters when you sign up, only groups. You will though be able to veto certain characters you think will be uncomfortable for you to play.
The Royal House Hamlet

Claudius, Royal Character

Despite the weight of his stolen crown and the fragility of the throne, Claudius orders mighty fireworks and festivities to banish the darkness. Turns out no wine is strong enough to wash brother-blood from his mind.


Gertrude, Royal Character

Is it love, lust or power that makes a queen trade one brother for another? Chained to the throne by blood and tradition, Gertrude spares no effort to make peace reign in the court she rightfully sees as hers.


Hamlet, Royal Character

Ever deeper he goes, picking apart every impression, demolishing every facade until everything seems to lose its meaning. The young prince is no idiot. Beyond the bullshit, a crawling chaos of possibilities opens the abyss. Is his madness act or real? Will he save or doom his kingdom? So many questions.

House Belar

Adoptee Kelio/Kelia

House Belar has the strange tradition of adopting promising people from the lower classes. Not before Kelio/Kelia has proven themself they will be a full member of the noble house. They will do the bidding of the House and are expected to have no conscience doing the house's horrible actions. But are they as insensitive as the House thinks? Are they ready to do anything for the house to gain the status they firmly believes is their right?



A hero from the great war that has lost his way because of his horrible actions in the war. He is guilt ridden that he is a highly decorated soldier in spite of his actions towards civilians. He relies on his house or an honorable person for guidance and moral direction since he does not trust himself.



As beta of House Bassani it is Conrad/Constance's job to do all the dirty work of the house and protect the honour of the house. They often think their actions are horrible and wrong but they've sworn an oath and if you break your oth you are nothing. They miss their family that died in the war.


Councilor Bassani

Strongwilled and hotheaded, Bassani is a poweful leader of House Belar. After killing the murderer of his father he married his mother, both to punish and protect her. She was a part of the plot to kill his father. Now that the honour of the house is restored, his goals are to make sure that his hard work is not wasted. This drives him to do the same horrible war crimes hw swor he would stop by killing his uncle.


Dr Thomaso/Thomasine

Bassani's ex wife/husband has payed dearly for being close to the Belars. An attack by unknown enemies left Thomaso/Thomasine with irreversible neurological damage. S/He lives two parallel lives. In one s/he is still happily married to Bassani, in the other s/he sees the terrible reality of the injuries and is convinced the family is plotting to have Thomaso/Thomasine killed.


Jenna/Jonas Belar

The child of Bassani's first marriage and now in her/his late teenages. Just ready for Court, most would say, at least in House Belar. And, who would blame them? This youngest member of the House is equally deadly and skilled as anyone else in the House. But, their trial has not yet been passed, and the others in the House are pushing them towards committing their first murder. Will she/he handle it? Can she/he do it? And, will she/he survive the wrath of Bassani's new spouse, her/his grandparent, that are out to clean out the House from possible heirs.


Mother of Bassani who conspired and killed her husband, Bassani's father. As revenge Bassani married her. She is willful, manipulative and very dangerous. She loves her son more than anything and will not hurt him. Not directly anyways. She would never admit it but she enjoys the incestous relationship to her son.



Oldest member of the Belar house, Melun knows better that to meddle in politics and power. His great passion  is the occult and he is a member of The Thelemic Order of Horus where he spends a lot of time. He gets a lot of energy from young people and does whatever it takes to sleep with as many as possible.

House Cornelius

Arkon Cornelius

The eldest bastard of House Cornelius is spared the ailments of his pureblood family. Ruthless, superstitious and impulsive he's a Cornelius through and through. If his blood was pure his seat at the head of the family table would be a given. As things stand s/he must woo and win the Dutchess Cathrine Cornelius, humiliating his fey pureblood brother Jared, lon bethroed to Catherine.   


Banquo/Banqua Cornelius

A newcomer to the court. This lesser Cornelius has unsuccessfully petitioned Claudius Rex for an audience for weeks. Banquo/Banqua may be the epitome of naive country gentry, but s/he will have to learn the dance of the court quickly or loose any chance of saving his/her family and heritage.

Councilor Alex/Alexa Cornelius

Catherine's cousin and Councilor tries to keep out of the struggle between the brothers, but fears that the sibling rivalry will split the weakened family. Alex/Alexa supported young Hamlet, not Claudius as heir to the throne when Old Hamlet died. Betting on the wrong horse has cost her/him dearly. Claudius has given Alex/Alexa a way out, but to take it she/he will have to betray everything she/he believes in.

Dorian/Daria Cornelius

Eternal playboy/girl, rumored agent, and a master of chemical warfare. Thousands have died from the mustard gas and cyklon B produced in Cornelian factories, a fact that haunts Dorian/Daria nightly. How much more efficient and humane would it not be to use weaponized long-lasting psychedelics that drive enemies to awe, madness and helpless extasy?  

Jared Cornelius

The sickly, bitter son of the Duke wants nothing but escape from his cruel heritage. All of Denmark disgusts him. Trapped in duty he sustains himself with drugs, gambling and eastern philosophy. To win back the incesteous affection of his siter Catherine he launches himself onto the political arena. To kick his destructive addictions, he must make a deal with teh devil.


Katrine Cornelius

Dutchess Cornelius loves and hates her brothers. One is profound, but too weak and selfish, the other is strong, but cruel and restless. Portents of weight have bound Catherine to a tragic certainty; she will be forever happy with one, eternally miserable with the other. But how does one take the measure of a man.

Scilla/Scius Cornelius

Another cousin of the family and one that has their greatest value in having been trained and primed for marriage to another great family of Denmark. Who are willing to bid the highest for Scilla/Scius hand and innocence? Meanwhile, Scilla/Scius finds her/himself drawn to the military prowess of the Stormguard or the disciplined exterior of the Directorate, and he/she wishes that one of them would become her/his lover instead.



The faithful manservant, embalmer and bodyguard Tressel serves a House divided. But the struggle between the brothers could be a possibility for a bitter servant playing it's cards right. Will Tressel realise how deep the waters it is wading into really are before the storm breaks.   


House Polonius


Schooled from childhood in the Academy of executive philosophy in Chartres, Councilor Astringer/Astrid possesses an intellect uncontested in the Danish court. His/her deductive powers unfailingly pierce the polished surface and reveals the rot beneath. But love blinds and Astrid/Astringer is unable to see the core of any member of House Polonius.    


A master of the Danish Guitar and Rapier both, Benedick/Beatrice is Laertes, Leonatus/Leonatas and Ophelia's tutor in the arts of love and death. Loving people better than principles, s/he has made a risky deal with a hidden enemy of the state to safeguard the future of the children he/she is sworn to mentor. A part of the Polonian council of war.



Ophelia and Laertes tutor in dance have reached several dizzying heights - trobadour, master horseman, olympic pistol medalist - but have always fallen low in the grip of unquenchable hate to the Voltemands. Cruelty they think forgotten drives Guerney/Galatia to deserve promised vengeance. A part of the Polonian council of war.


Laertes, Royal Character

The proud youth with blood of noblest purple and a destiny as bright as the borealis still casts his bold shadow over court. No-one can make a rapier-thrust like him, none can forget his passionate lashings out - everyone wonders what stupendous news he will bring back from Paris. If there is anyone hopes are pinned on, it's Laertes.


The offspring of Polonius and a now forgotten master courtesan, Leonatus/Leonata has come to terms with a life on the marigins of power. Embodying the Polonian virtues of honor, duty and sacrifice s/he has sworn never to tell a lie, a noble promise that may prove fatal in this trime of wolves and adders. Will Leonatus/Leonata find the courage put family before principle and save Polonius from destruction?


Ofelia, Royal Character

She would be his, and he should be hers, but the prince no longer waltzes and Ophelia allows herself be poked into an ever more furious dance, despite risking to trample them both. Everyone competes for her attentions, except the one she loves most deeply, the one she is doomed to hurt again and again.   


Chancellor Polonius, Royal Character

Even dying days the chancellor serves at the king's side, but his plots are sometimes so subtle they outsmart even their originator. Polonius is obscure and cautious but honest and highly loved by his friends and servants, perhaps even moreso now that Polonius is frail.  



The loyal manservant of House Polonius carries out tasks best left unseen by those of the Blood almost every night. Sometimes her/his mask of professional dispassion cracks and one can glimpse weighy remorse and self-loathing. When the voices of those that have been "exiled to England" haunt the master assassin, even friends and family have a reason to fear the hidden sins of a noble family.

House Voltemand

Abelard/Abela Voltemand

At first glance Abelard/Abela is the most restrained of the Voltemands. A bussiness(wo)man of modern sensibilities, s/he is the heart of the Voltemand Company, trading in whale-products, weapons and servants trained to order trafficked from the many colonies of Denmark. However, underneath the surface, other emotions dwell and her/his engagement in the trafficking business has taken a toll.



There is a darkness over the face of the marquis sibling, which is not visible to the eye but can be detected by sensitive souls. Many disappearances around the Voltemand estates is said to be linked to Voltemands stables. After enemies of Horst/Helga have received serious death threats in the mail, Horst/Helga is longer as an object of laughter and derision among the nobles.



As the oldest child and future holder of the title of marquis, his/her upbringing has been as hard as his parents' pride. The lashes of his tutors were replaced by the tedious drill at Wittenberg. Today, the training happens in the council by demanding vigorous action against the dissidents and citizens. But the time to learn is over and time to teach is approaching.


Screams echo in sweet symphony as cold wrath builds in a cruel chest. The villa on the atlantic coast is rumored to hide mass gaves and curious machines built to maximize torment. But passion has a place in the heart of the childish dilletante, constructing an intricate trap for those seeking the favour of the eligible bachelor/bachlorette. If they only knew the steely willpower hidden by disgusting appetites.


Nicodemus/Nike Voltemand

The head of house Voltemand has never been partial to half-measures. The future is built on the backs of the populus and if they will not bend they bust be broken. Into fragments small enough to pass through the heirloom rings decorating the Baron's swollen fingers. After a successfull mission to Norway Voltemand finally has the ear ot the King. He/she is poised to replace Polonius as the second most powerful person in the Kingdom.


Sirro Voltemand

Called Young Sirro, this up and coming member of House Voltemand is most famous for his/her studies in psychology that he/she started with at a young age. These theoretical scenarios were soon expanded upon and at the age of 18, Sirro was allowed to invest in his/her own psychiatric ward, where he has since performed more or less ethical experiments. One of these is a kind of church, a cult where they worship Sirro for his/her genius. Now, he/she has come to court to practice some hypnosis and some mind-altering drugs on those that he/she fancies a test with. Perhaps something that can assist their usurpation of the kingdom?



Madness and genious walk hand in hand in Sycorax, collected from an asylum in Seeland by Voltemand in person to serve as advisor and tutor to the children of the Baron. In spite of the mountains of pharmacuticals poured into the savant, her/his screams keep the court awake at night.

House Strato

Cyria Strato

The next eldest sibling, and the black sheep of the family. Aggressive, refuses to marry and has sworn vengeance against House Belar, especially against Alarbus. Has taken Kristian as a lover despite his simple background.


Durant Strato

The middle sibling, a rumored murderer, a martial beast with wrath in his/her eyes. Dislikes the eldest sibling and would much rather solve things in a more direct manner. Insatiable in all pursuits


Eligius Strato

The next youngest sibling, a refined, effiminate and soft-spoken person with a touch for elegance, love and romance. Is also reputedly a dealer in drugs. Eligius constantly tries to push the boundaries of the human experience, just like some of his siblings, yet seems drawn to romance and more shallow things that distract him from the spiritual journey.



"The Shame of Strato", Kristian is a dancer and a fencer from a mercantile family who has no business in a noble house, but who has been brought in as the more or less official lover of Cyria Strato. He's often shown off by Cyria, strengthening their scandalous reputation.


Livia Strato

A cousin of the main children of house Strato, the daughter of the youngest sister of the other Stratos' father. She is slightly older than Marcus Strato and in an incestous, masochistic relationship with him, while also hungering for power of her own.


Marcus Strato

The youngest of the family and the nicest, according to most. Behind his/her exterior, he's obsessed with the moment of death and uses drugs to push himself to the limits of death to feel the rush of life. He/she loves to strangle his bedmates until they can almost see death approaching, then release them into the joy of surviving. Uses poisons. Tries to keep up the sweetest of exteriors, often to the point of deep discomfort for the ones who talk to him. Is in a forbidden relationship with his cousin, Livia.


Oria Strato

The eldest sibling, infirm and inactive on the surface. In reality, planning the downfall of House Belar who has committed military transgressions in the Indian colonies of the house, but refuses to tell any of her younger siblings the exact details of the plan except one of them. Tries to still the drums of war in her house in time to cause the downfall of Belar. A sort of psychologist/advisor to Queen Gertrude

Duchy of Marcella


The lover of Iris and a constant companion. His main trait is an ever-present suspicion that others are hiding things from him and that there is something that Iris refuses to tell him. He also holds hidden Communist sympathies and wishes that Denmark would swiftly fall to the revolution. Maybe a deal can be struck to save him and Iris from the waves of blood?


Alexander Marcella

The son of the Count/Countess, and a gentle and loving man, who is desperately trying to make up for the morbid and violent tendencies of his mother/father. Where the Count/Countess is planning the murder of the Duke/Duchess, Alexander is trying his best to prevent it and to make peace through his upcoming marriage with Iris. If only he was not so desperate and jealous for affection and prone to affairs on the side, it might even work.


Antari/Antarus Marcella

A cousin to the main family, and in his childhood the best friend of Iris and a promising courtier, Antari/Antarus has spiraled into a vicious circle of occultism and blood rituals. He is tired of always being seen as weaker, a flawed offshoot of the true and noble Marcella family. Anything that could make him more powerful than the others would be a true boon. Perhaps if he becomes a part of the Directorate, or offers to spy on the Marcellas on their behalf?


Count/Countess Angiok/Angiak Marcella

The death-obsessed and frightening younger sibling to the Duke/Duchess, Angiok/Angiak has prophecized that the Duke/Duchess will fall and that they will need to take their place. Perhaps Angiok/Angiak must make it happen?


Duke/Duchess Krona/Kronos Marcella

The old and stable ruler of House Marcella, who's reputation for ruthless protection and paranoid delusions are only now catching up to her/him. In a constant struggle against her/his closest sibling.


Iris Marcella

The daughter of the Duke/Duchess, Iris is the heir to the throne. She is self-obsessed and vain, only focusing on planning for her own rise to power rather than investing in the now. Has a lover, Aeolus, who is her constant companion yet she refuses his proposals. Instead, she has been promised to her cousin Alexander, the son of Angiok/Angiak.


Merope Marcella

Ever since an accident in her teenage years, Merope, the sister of the Duke/Duchess and the Count/Countess has been different. She was stripped of her titles and her position in the family due to her madness that afflicted her after the accident. Her demeanour is childish, simple yet cruel. However, before the accident she was the young lover of the Duchess/Duke, and that relation still holds strong, despite the hatred it draws from the Duchess/Duke's spouse.


Palatos/Palatia Marcella

The husband/wife of the Duchess/Duke, and someone who holds a lot of the real power in the Duchy - at least while Krona/Kronos is alive. Hates Merope for the fact that she has more of the Duchess/Duke's affection than Palatos/Palatia will ever have. Tries to make up for the lack of birthright through being merciless, violent and unrelenting in his/her pursuit of dominance over the other family members.

The Ambassadors

Ambassador Adessi

It looked good for the mother country for a while. Adessi has seen him/herself as the ambassador of a growing new Roman Empire. Proud and unworried s/he has navigated the  Danish court, pitying and feeling greatly superior to the representatives from other countries. But the news of the recent riots has left him/her in a true crisis.


Ambassador Alencon

Being a Compte in Normandie means little when your holdings are suddenly occupied by revolutionaries - but to Alençon, it meant little even before this. An aesthete and a patron of the arts, a consummate courtier, and a gifted diplomat - this is who the French Ambassador to Denmark used to be.

Ambassador Florizel

A solid catholic and scientific education, two tours of duty with the Polish hussars (finest light  cavalry in Europe), and then the position as Ambassador to Denmark - a stellar career for a  Polish noble. While Florizel was a capable officer however, science is his/her field of calling.  The post in Denmark with its limited duties and sizable salary perfect for a modern European  dedicated to research. Or rather, was.


Ambassador Tillingham

Seeing England on her knees before Claudius fleet is humiliating enough. Having to endure Danish wedding-customs and the blind decadence of the court is worse. Trying not to show her/his deep-seated panic to the world, Burley looks at Tillingham. Once again s/he is struck by the calm stoicism in his collegues face. At least they are in this together.



Being bodyguard to the Polish ambassador is more perks than problems. Florizel and  Archidamus/ia met when the former took command of the light hussar regiment both belonged  to. Archidamus/ia quickly set him/herself up as advisor to the young officer. In military matters,  Florizel was quite proficient - understanding the workings of people is another thing entirely.



Any display of emotion would be unthinkable while embarked on a diplomatic venture of this magnitude. But some things need to be said. No. Some things need to be done before the end comes and the soldiers are bid to fire a last salute for the corpses. Tillingham glances at Burley. How long until his collegue is scared enough to accept a comforting embrace?

The Stormguard

Captain Bernardo

The Captain is known as one of the most eligible of the Stormguards - well educated, works well under pressure and from a nice family. However, his unsuitable interests in the occult, in the summoning of ghosts and in hedonistic rituals is something that is not looked favorable upon

by everyone. Among the Corneliuses, however, he's more popular than ever and they're discussing marrying him off to someone in order to secure his loyalty.


Corporal Polydore

Corporal Polydore was examined at the academy for war in Wittenberg less than a year ago with perfect grades. A meteoric rise in Stormguard hierarchy and the inevitable jealousy from other soldiers followed. If Polydore has any skeletons in her closet she better clear them out fast, before the idiots in the guard stumble over them. Is Polydore better that all the rest? Of course she is. Now, she just waits to see what great House will buy her favors through money or, more likely, marriage.


Guard Francisco/Francisca

Francisca/Francisco is closely tied to House Strato and has grown very fond of their comfortable way of life. Ever since s/he got hooked on their spices and their pipes, s/he has not been the best representative of the Stormguard. As of late, s/he was convinced to join in a society of the occult and has received hallucinations of ghostly hauntings. Surely, s/he should tell someone about these things - her/his House first, and let them sit in judgment?


Guard Proteus/Protea

Loyal unto death and always by her/his king's side. When others doubt the legitimacy of the king Proteus/Protea sees it as his/her duty to defend tradition and prove the kings innocence. To serve an unjust king is worthy of death. Proteus/Protea has Claudius' ear, and will assist in even the most destructive of purges to get rid of traitors. The Directorate and Proteus/Protea have worked together, before, and will do so again.


Lieutenant Goffe

Goffe has worked hard and is next in line to be promoted within the Stormguard. However, just below her/him, Corporal Polydore has shown up and started climbing up the ladder. Goffe has been forced to seek aid from the ruthless House Belar in order to have a way of keeping Polydore down. If honest work did not do the trick, violence and fear might ensure Goffe's promotion.


Lieutenant Marcellus

Sworn to secrecy by Prince Hamlet, Marcellus is preparing to let his fellow guardsmen in on her secret. Is Hamlet mad in truth, or did someone aid the so-called possession? They must discuss it and reach a conclusion. However, Marcellus is also motivated by his service to House Voltemand, a service that has rendered him more and more skeptical towards both Hamlets and Poloniuses.


Major Perdue/Perdua

A war between rioters and loyalists rages in the streets of Elsinore and Perdue/Perdua is doing everything in their power to win it! This means daily descisions that cost hundreds of people their lives. All in defense of a murderous king. When will it be enough? Will it ever be? Even as this battle is going on, the Major finds themself more and more tangled to the Polonius House. How long will the Major stay loyal to Claudius?

The Archdiocese

Archdeacon Aron

Aron is the long arm of the Archbishop, his heart a fiery conflagration of old testament piety and personal indignation. Again and again Aron must whip the cowardly Bishop to take action against the vanity and decadence of the King and his court. Or is his smoldering wrath just a smokescreen to hide his own, even more infernal, fire?


Bishop Hwidmark

Tormented by the slow wrath of King Claudius and the reckless fire-and-brimstone attitude of his collegue Aron, the bishop walks the line between duty to the Father of The Nation and the Father of Creation. In the Babylonisan salt-desert that is Elsinore the bishops hides his fear behind his small flock of faithful. But sooner or later he'll have to choose between his faith and his life.


Else/Elli the Quireboy

A young Jesuit on a special mission to watch the King of Denmark. The Jesuits are tied closely to the pope and are often hidden agents for foreign powers. Elsi/Elli must take care not to be discovered while she/he carries out her hidden trade.


Father Marcus Benedict

A protestant priest among catholics and an exorcist who has lent his services to all sorts of troublesome private matters of strange behaviors. There are some foul rumors about him being a false priest or a false exorcist but his burning flame of faith should keep them at bay! That, and a quick cover-up of the many scams he performed during his time of poverty.


Henry/Henri the Quireboy

Born into the church by a nun, he/she has known nothing but the churchlife. He has not realized how much he hated the priests and bishops and their evil greedy deeds. But God's commands are infallible and what can a quireboy/girl do?


Master of Alms Scelus

Philantropy is not dead in Denmark, and Scelus/Scela is the front from which the balms to God flow! However, the flesh is weak and men are easily tempted...especially when they are expected to handle such sums!

The Civil Court


Raised taxes have brought the tiny home for orphaned children close to ruin. Unless the mild Master Aron/Ara succeeds in writing off a substantial loan, twenty-odd children will have to do without roof or floorboards. What indignities is s/he prepared to suffer? What is s/he willing to sell? Surely, there must be someone who are in need of Aron/Ara's personal services. As long as they do not touch the children. House Voltemand have approached Aron/Ara and made it clear that they might need a test subject for some things... Perhaps this will be the key?


A month ago Aemil/Aemilia witnessed their father being whisked away in a car with mud-stained plates. Every hour since has been a struggle to find him. All the savings and contacts of the burgher-family have been spent to put Aemil/Aemilia inside the court of Claudius. Now, Aemil/Aemilia finds themself tied close to House Strato, who got them into the castle, and must prove themself worthy of the House before they will find the father for them.


When the bell of the Kronburg strikes twelve, Tiranio/Tirana's fifteen year-old brother will be garotted for a crime he never committed. In the few days that remain Tiranio/Tirana must convince the king or the court to show mercy. If she fails, a future as avenger awaits.


Aging street-urchin Iden/Idun has learned to make luck from misfortune. The death of a client provided a suitable garment and a pass to the inner Court. New possibilities beckon as Iden/Idun hatch schemes to separate the Courtiers from their wads of 100 Kroner Bills. Meanwhile, Iden/Idun has also realized that the spy business could be something for them. Maybe one of the Houses has need for a quick-witted spy?



"The Crown" is the name of Elsinore's most notorious entertainment den. Kaius / Kaia is its charismatic owner. The crown has in recent years been used as a playground for the nobles, businessmen and well-known cultural figures. Kaius / Jackdaw have solid knowledge of her customers and their preferences. The question is whether she will be able to use this knowledge to maneuver her way into a favorable position, or if she continues to be descrete despite the circumstances.


Latus/Laetia is a known poet, often employed by the nobles in order to write love letters, romantic poems or clevelry hidden messages for them in their correspondence. Naturally, all Latus/Laetia wishes for is to be patroned by someone who appreciates the art and not just what it can do for them, but so far, finding that someone has been hard. Now, they must seek to court the various Houses in order to be allowed to stay at Court, while also seeking meaning in the debauchery.



The days of this egocentric national Bard seem to be counted. Once popular ditties like "Fat Marit", "Broken Guitar" and "Trobadour of The Night" have become fighting songs for the Red Rabble and the nobles who once laughed at them are no longer amused. Finding escape in the bottle and the snuff-box, Marullus/Marulla, rues the day her/his last supporter in House Belar withdraws her/his protection.  



Good-natured Nestor/Nessla, the editor-in chief of The Rodby Daily never suspected that publishing an essay bought from a travelling salesman with ambitions at penmanship would cost their license. Grasping a tiny suitcase in a sweaty palm, Nestor/Nessla stands bewildered in the midst of royal power.  So far, only House Polonius have stood willing to support Nestor/Nessla, perhaps because of the realization that the family needs all the good PR it can get.



As rough winds blow around Elsinore, simple groceries become precious luxuries. Pantino is a sweaty meat-grocer from Bornholm with valuable contacts. As Royal Deliverer of Meats he has secured valuable contacts and now wishes to secure a noble marrige. His reputation as a slutty swine should be trivial to overcome. Especially the notably isolated people of the Duchy of Marcella are in need of some supplies. Are they willing to gamble their Duchy on starvation?



A nationally revered actor with a long and bright career behind her. She has great influence on the Elsinore elite and is both feared and respected for gravitas and poise. What she really is doing at the castle is unclear but she seems happy to be part of the noble drama. Maybe she can use her position to her advantage. House Cornelius have been the sponsors for her, so far, and with some well placed attention she hopes to keep it.



If Tara had a coherent thought the last six years who have not had to deal with cocktails or parties, it can safely be blamed on chance. Tara is a bastard child and it is rumored that the irresponsible father is a prominent member of one of the finest families. Tara lives her life as a courtesan, and with the many lovers her insight into the intricate political game between the prominent nobles are well known to her. They confide in her and she is planning to use that to escape the revolution - if she can survive the ire of the Companions for attempting to stain their art with her fumblings.


The Companions

Companion Amadeo/Amanda

The one who lives the life as a Companion like a God/Goddess shaped for this place. Wants adoration and worship, more than anything else, but is fundamentally empty inside. The others speak of delusions and psychosis when Amadeo/Amanda is not present.


Companion Anne/Adam

Anne/Adam often gets in trouble because s/he cannot help speaking what s/he thinks. The only thing that has gotten him/her out of trouble is the long lasting relation to Orphelia. S/he knows that without this s/he would probably have been killed years ago. S/he loves the power s/he has over other people and often tries to see how far s/he can make people go because s/he convinces them. S/he cares for nobody but her/himself.


Companion Lester/Lauralai

Lauralai/Lester has only been a fully inducted companion for little less than a year. They have a difficult time because they so easily falls for the hosts they are entertaining. Nobody has caught them in this yet but they know they will be punished severely if found out.


Companion Rafael/Rafaela

New, fresh and still studying to be a Companion, Rafael/Rafaela finds him/herself stuck at Court as an apprentice. He/she will be monitored closely and tried on several trial attempts at entertaining the guests. The other Companions are concerned, however, since Rafael/Rafaela seems to be inclined to listen to Anne/Adam and other dissenting voices. The spirit of this young and virginal Companion must be broken before the rot takes hold.


Companion Taisha/Talbot

A kind hearted soul that just wants to do the job well. S/he is often disgusted by the actions her/his hosts but s/he tries to be professional, something s/he often complains to the other companions about. Her/his goal is to one day be head companion after Giselle/Gerber so she/he can set the group to a higher standard.


Lead Companion Giselle/Gerber

A master at the craft, Giselle/Gerber runs the few companions there is left with grace and dedication. They themself has begun to understand that the world as she knows it might be at an end and that scares them more than anything. They have never left the court and has no other skill. They enjoys their work and cannot find rest when they are not needed. When this happens they take it out on the other companions.

The Directorate


You can't fly with a splintered knee. Trotskijists over Norway got lucky in their winged coffin. Angelo/Angela got a chestful of medals and was reassigned to the Security Directorate as First Interrogator. Ever the Ace, Angelo/Angela is ligning up the sights to gun down every single anti-royalist in the castle.  



The median life expectancy of a Directorate agent infiltrating the Reds is 4,3 months. Barde/Bona served inside the 1st International in Norway, Poland and recently, the Royal City itself. Their ruthless approach to maintaining their cover has made them legendary. Better a dead revolutionary than a witness.



As a Lector of the Military Academy of Wittenberg this infamous strategist turned his talents to education and administration. Berdabius/Berdana is a brilliant scientist, awarded with Lord Nobels price of Governance for the theory that shaped the creation of the Security Directorate. Berdania/Berdanius is quick to point out that these efforts are excersises of God-given rationality, nothing more. Berdanius/Berdania has never been in active service until the gates close and theory becomes lethal practice.   



Several of the top Directors of Security are hand-picked by the Hamlets from the fanatically loyal Polonius family. Edmund/Edmunda is the cousin of Laertes and Ophelia. Their decency runs in his blood. As does their perchance for murder and self-harm. Every day his disgust towards the decadence of the court grows. Following a rigorous regimen of hygiene and the strictest protocols of a Directorate Agent, Edmund/Edmunda is wound tight. What will happen when a coil with a licence to kill suddenly unwinds?  



Obera/Oberus is the coordinator for the Directorate and the Chief of Operations at Elsinore. They have hand picked the other agents with careful attention and is now monitoring them to see which one of them might be a traitor within the organization itself. Apart from that, Obera/Oberus busies themselves with a few too many lustful exercises, claiming that they only do it to discover the filth that hides within the decadent court.



Sometimes, emotions get in the way even for a Directorate agent. Thesa/Thesos is the junior member of the Directorate at Elsinore and works directly under Barde/Bona as the contact within the Directorate during their infiltration missions. However, Thesa/Thesos has too affectionate feelings for the senior agent and now wants to prove her/his worth at any cost. Tracking down a traitor, for example, would surely gain the superior's attention.

The Jesters

Jan Osric

"The self-confident and polite master fencer Osric is a natural focal point for the court when it comes to duels With flashing smiles and winning manners, he assesses the duel's validity and keeps count of the number of won battles for everyone. He can not imagine that his final verdict will bring the kingdom to ruin. "

Director Julian/Juliette

The royal director of plays and performances normally at the royal theatre has sought refuge at the court when the theatre was firebombed by dissidents a month ago. In the good gracees of Gertrude he finds himself very confident that he will continue his work. He hates being part of the propaganda machine but loves the power it gives him. At the court he has directed small chamber plays to entertain and amuse. He knows he will be one of the first killed if  the revolution comes. Maybe he should make small plays that shows the revolution he is on their side? But how far can he go without angering the King?


The Directed, Tyra/Tyron

The brother/sister of Julian/Juliette. The constant star of Julian/Juliette's plays, but in ways that are often bordering on the weird or too close for comfort. Wants his/her sibling to be loyal to him/her and will push this relationship on them, even if Julian/Juliette is ambivalent over how good an idea this really is.

The Mystics


A true, Lucifer-worshipping satanist among the more traditional mystics, Argos invokes the most egoistic and carnal of pleasures in people. He has scorned Aleister Prospero as a charlatan and earned the disdain of both Fastolf/Fastolia and Miranda/Mirando due to this. Argos seeks to gain more followers to his cult, snaring them with promises of power over those they lust for and power over their own will and soul. Argos only worry is that his worship of Lucifer might have been answered. Is it the drugs, or is the Lightbringer giving him messages and commands to carry out?


One of the mystics employed at court, Clotho is employed by House Cornelius to assist them in fortune telling and the terrible auguries that their family insists on. Torn between the two brothers, as well as other families trying to use her closeness to the House to their own gain, Clotho finds her fortune tellings to be more and more directed in order not to anger anyone. But what if they start following her word because they believe it?



Adept of the Secret Masters. Reborn messiah. Hypnotist par exellence, legendary lover, Fastolf / Fastolia are all these things. But he is no Prospero. Yet. Determined to outshine the exiled Aleister as the star of the pop-occult heavens, Fastolf/Fastolia is stuck in a terrible quandry concerning Miranda/Mirando. He needs passion to fuel his foul magics. But should he hunger after Miranda/Mirando's sweetest nectar or her bitter blood?



Abandoning life as the cowered apprentice of the occult celebrity Aleister Prospero, Miranda/Mirando has found great success in the Court. While her/his outward message is one of harmony and love, s/he is hardened by a life of abuse and dreams of tearing it all down. No one doubts her/his abilities and her/his celebrity status may let her/him lead one last devastating ritual. The soul of a king is the price of survival. 

The Press


As one of Denmark's very best journalists, Alonso/Alida has managed to shame the Voltemands on a number of occasions without being executed. Popular support of the daily rag known as "The Star of Elsinore" grows all the time. But will the voice of the commoners be enough to protect a most uncomfortable truth-sayer. The word is that neither paper nor investigative journalist would be allowed to exist without the protection of Denmarks radical crown prince.  



The signature "Simpcocks" was once a byname for witty, learned arts critique. After finally reaching the lofty heights of the court, the task of praising a few degenerate court-favourites has left at taste of bitter ashes in "Simpcocks" dirty mouth.  He hates working under the censorship of the courts but thinks he is smart enough and great ewnough with words to cheat the censors to get his point out: That the court is degenerate and evil.



No trick is too dirty for the premiere paparazzi of Elsinore. Exposing the weaknesses and vices of the rich and powerful is the only source of gratification left to Varro. As the gravity of the situation dawns on Varro, s/he realizes the end of an era is playing out in front of her/his greasy lens. For the first time ever, Varro has no choice but to write about something historically important. The challenge paralyzes the poor bastard.

The Prince’s Circle

Horatio, Royal Character

The constant companion of the Prince is seen as a weak, sentimental and morose character by most at court. Behind Horatio's tear-bleared eyes lurks a mind that forgets nothing. Page after page is filled with terrible accounts of the last days of the Court. Already the first lines of the masterpiece that will set the world on fire are collected and refined. If only the hero of the piece could live to see the change he has wrought.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Like a single body with two lying mouths, Hamlet's old study-buddies work to reveal the prince's secrets. Slowly they realize their employer may not have their old "friend’” best interests at heart. Already neck-deep in their own lies and rationalizations they have no choice but to consummate their hesitant Judas-kiss.


When the landless Baron Lartius/Lartia is asked about his/her breeding s/he answers "the very pinnacle of animals", and when a profession must be given; "a student of delinquency". While nobles laugh at the Baron's caustic wit they forget the murderous sarcasm behind the seemingly idle words.



The dark blood of Tubal/Tubaline is said to flow thick with forbidden sorcery, a fact instantly forgotten as his/her sooted eyes transfix and and goblets filled with rich herbs are shared. Of all the Prince's companions,Tubal/Tubaline is surely the most dangerous. Many forget that the Prince has a deep love for Rapiers and Foils, dark and deadly weapons honed in fire. Just like Tubal/Tubaline.

The Profiteers


When the Danish Crown changes value daily and noblemen sell family assets in fear of plunderers, there is money to be made for the daring. Selling everything from refined illustrated magazines to stock in American companies, Bardolf is determined to emerge from the bunker a rich man. His auctions are daily occurrences.  



Word has it s/he was once a top-agent for the directorate, embedded in the royal court. How s/he managed to bribe Claudius to reward this good service with a decoration and a liberal pension is not a topic for polite conversation. A few photographs in a brown envelope from "Cajus" is enough to make most nobles open their wallets. But how far does the kings protection extend?  



The rattle of dice cut from human bone still make fingertops tingle. The smell of burning thousand-kroner bills as they're extended to light a bridge-winner´s cigar still makes the heart beat faster. But only sometimes. Mostly gambling is dreary bussiness. Only one game remains. It's all about finding the right opponent.  



The old custom forbidding noble bloodshed has been very literally interpreted in laller years. The apothecary Codmor is an illuminated soul. Unburdened by common morality he provides all manner of narcotics, stimulants, blood-clotters, deleriants and heart-stoppers to a court full of enthusiastic customers. A recent sale has put Codmor under suspicion, but she is determined to sell every bitter swill of her supply.



With rioters in the streets and the approach of the revolutionaries, not everyone trusts the protection of the Kronburg. Those that would take their chances in Austria or far-off America must employ the dubious services of Lodovico. The trafficker trades in flesh and hope, but considers her/himself an altruist of the highest order. Will being in the same plight as his customers change Ludovico/Ludmila's perception of his trade?



King Claudius has forbbiden the practice of augury on pain of death. But all who see that great changes are coming are curious to know what the future holds. These are busy days for the medium Pytia/Pytos. Gifted since childhood she lives in a world of portents and shades. Whether she sees the future or is in communion with foul spirits, her advice is brutally accurate. Honesty like that earns enemies.

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