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The 2018 Crew

Bjarke Pedersen, lead design, director & writing

Johanna Koljonen, conceptual design, workshop design, executive producer

Simon Svensson, runtime & character lead

Kasper Sjøgren, production lead

Daniel Larsen, line producer

Nina Runa Essendrop, royal rehearsal director

Jamie MacDonald, royal runtime director

Freja Gyldenstrøm, runtime world & NPC

Carl Nordblom, runtime world & NPC

Elin Gissén, runtime world & NPC

Mikaela Lindh, assistant producer

Boris Bernhard, photography

Eleanor Saitta, light design and photography
Anni Tolvanen, sound design & composer

 Jonaya Kemper, workshop design

Design and production by Participation | Design | Agency,

in collaboration with Atropos.

We build on the works of previous productions of Inside Hamlet

The 2017 Crew

Bjarke Pedersen, lead design and writing

Johanna Koljonen, conceptual design

Simon Svensson, runtime director, character lead

Kasper Sjøgren, production lead

Nina Runa Essendrop, royal director, design and workshops

Alex Uth, Scenography

Freja Gyldenstrøm, writing, new and updated characters

Emelie Klanac, writing, new and updated characters

Daniel Larsen, line producer

Carl Nordblom, runtime game master
Kaya Toft Thejls, runtime game master

Siri Sandquist, proofreading and character editing

Petra Lindve, proofreading and character editing

Marie Raasted Herløvsen, Photography

Bret Lehne, Photography

The 2015 Crew

Martin Elricsson, design and writing

Bjarke Pedersen, design and writing

Johanna Koljonen, conceptual design

Kasper Sjøgren, production lead

Cecilia Dolk, production and social media

Simon Svensson, runtime director, character lead

Luisa Carbonelli, scenography

Elin Nilsen, character writing

Jørn Slemdal, character writing

Aleksandra Hedere Ososińska, character writing
Johan Ahlsten, character writing


Rebecka Ericsson, experience design

Andreas Ingefjord, experience and sound design

Martin Olsson, Sound design

Anni Tolvanen, musical score
Daniel Larsen, Line Producer
Rasmus Teilmann, Light and sound

Inside Hamlet has two predecessors. In 2000 The Swedish touring national theatre Riksteatern brought an early example of immersive theatre, Hamlet inifrån, on the road. Based on Martin Elricsson original interactive adaptation produced by Anders Wendin for Riksteatern and the director's cut produced by Christopher Sandberg for Interaktiva Uppsättningar.

In 2002 that piece was expanded and redesigned into a groundbreaking three-day larp, which you can read about here (p. 67) and here (p. 130).

In 2015 these audiences were finally brought together in a truly participatory theatrical larp experience. The play was thoroughly redesigned and all characters re-written to reflect contemporary larp design practice.

Original design and writing by

Martin Elricsson, Christopher Sandberg, Anna Ericsson, Martin Brodén, Olle Jonsson, Daniel Krauklis, Holger Jacobsson, Johanna Koljonen, Craig Lindley, Patric Erikson, Martin Olsson, Henrik Summanen, Pia Niemi, Jonas Lindh, Karl Bergström, Margrete Raaum, Jonny Hjorter, NCID, Tobias Wrigstad, Karin Tidbeck, Tova Gerge, Adriana Skarped, Mathias Gullbrandson and Anders Wendin.

Photographs from the 2015 run by Petter Karlsson & John Paul Bichard

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