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Inside Hamlet is set in an alternate reality where the French revolution never happened and the great noble houses of Europe stayed in power.

We are now somewhere in the 1930s and the revolution has finally come. Fortinbras and his Red Army are sweeping across Europe and will soon arrive at the final bastion of old nobility: King Claudius’ court in Elsinore. This is the end times for all with noble connections or noble blood.

The visual style of the larp is a mix of period debauchery and playful burlesque — think uniforms and vintage clothes meet Moulin Rouge and noble decadence. In this late-feudal Europe, fashion eras do not match ours exactly. In aristocratic pockets of society, the Belle Epoque lives on and art nouveau still feels nouveau to some.

You can find our mood board with examples on our Pinterest, and photos from previous runs. Grab a dress or a suit and join us for an epic party and a heartbreaking tragedy, utterly impossible to experience in your real life!

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