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Inside Hamlet is an international experience for up to 120 co-creative adult participants and the ghosts that haunt them. Played in and below the real Elsinore castle one hour outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

There are two runs of Inside Hamlet, both to be played in broken English.

The first run will be October 26-28 2018 and the second run November 2-4 2018.

We start on the Friday at 13.00 with a mandatory workshop and end around midnight on the Saturday. 


Inside Hamlet is divided into three acts rather than the five of the original play. There will be breaks in between the acts to step out of character, discuss your experience, develop your relationships and get a breather from all the drama. The act breaks also represent time jumps inside the story.

All tickets include:

  • A thoroughly play-tested two-day larp

  • Obligatory workshop on Friday

  • Optional post-larp workshop on Sunday

  • 2 nights in a hostel (Friday-Sunday) in shared rooms of up to four people

  • Breakfast Saturday and Sunday

  • Dinner Friday and Saturday

  • Lunch on Saturday

  • A bottle of Cava or non alcoholic equivalent

If you would rather not sleep at the hostel, you will have the possibility to purchase a hotel upgrade for an additional fee later.

Tickets are non-refundable. If you find yourself unable to attend you can get in touch with us about how to re-sell your ticket.

Please also note that the workshop is mandatory. If you miss the workshop we cannot guarantee participation in the larp. We also retain the right to eject participants for breaking rules, and if this happens you will not be compensated.

PLEASE NOTE: The first run of casting will commence on June 1st. After this date, the selection of available characters will be more limited.

Standard ticket EUR 465 - Run 1   Run 2

The standard ticket for Inside Hamle cost €465.

The deadline for instalment tickets have passed. Sorry.
You can choose to pay the ticket in 3 instalments with the first instalment being €75. 

Instalment deadlines:

Second instalment deadline is July 1st. The price is €195.  

Third instalment deadline is August 31st. The price is €195.

Bring a Friend Ticket (25 available per run) EUR 375 - Run 1   Run 2

If you already have played Inside Hamlet and want to play again, why not bring a friend and show them the spectacle? They will get a discount on their ticket – but only if they have not participated in the 2015 or 2017 runs. You need to buy this ticket together with a Standard or Early Bird ticket.

As a thank you, you will be given the opportunity to make a wishlist of the five characters you would most like to play, and we will cast you as one of them. (Your friend will be cast in the normal manner).

New Noble House – 8 person Ticket (1 x 8 available per run) EUR 4000 for 8 persons. - Run 1   Run 2

You and seven friends will embody a new Noble House written especially for you for Inside Hamlet. The House and characters will be written by lead writer Simon Svensson, who will work with you so you will get the Noble House you want within the parameters of the overall design and aesthetics.

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